Creative Expression by Moving


In my work, I move feeling the relationship to the hidden counts in-between every audible and in-audible note.

The dance arts literally serve to push and move us beyond, and in response  to this urge, I dedicate myself to my continuous work. I have a long-standing relationship with dance and my body, the restrictions and the rewards. That passion of speaking my truth alone is the initiation for my work. My choreographic creations are a compilation of research through personal and observed expression which is then embodied and called into action.


Depicting situational narratives, each work weaves a distinct energetic pattern through a crowd to reach the audience one person at a time. I work primarily with Africana expressions and interpretations of contemporary movement. My goal is to create an ever-growing and ever-evolving footprint to etch meaning into performance spaces. Like a scribe, I carve movements through stillness.


I incorporate music, visual art, body movers, and mind movers, to provide an ideal platform for movement. The more I choreograph, the more I understand the nuances about my cultural body and reassess how I view the creation of important spaces–real and imagined.


An exploration of the natural essence is my mode of transportation into the dance space. I seek to explore the natural feeling of ‘home’ in my movement, my natural relationship to music, and dance as nature’s creative way of allowing me to embody the unexplained phenomena around us. The beauty of such applications through dance performance gives me a vital tool to excite, enrich, and engage those who chose to take part in a performance. With each performance and work, I encourage audiences to take a message home that enables them to embrace self-reflection and raise self-awareness.

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